For Employees: How it Works


1. Create Your Profile:

Start by registering and building a comprehensive profile showcasing your skills, qualifications, and work experience.

2. Consultant Qualification Call:

Expect a call from one of our consultants who will qualify you based on your profile and discuss potential job opportunities.

3. Initial Interview:​

Upon successful qualification, you’ll have an initial interview to further assess compatibility with potential employers.

4. Training Trial (Second Interview):​

Successful candidates will be offered a competency based test to analyse your skill sets across the administrative background.

5. Contract Agreement:

Following a successful training trial, a service agreement is finalized, outlining the terms and conditions, including payment details.

6. Skill Development:

Right Recruit is committed to your growth. Additional training opportunities may be provided to enhance your capabilities.

7. Long-Term Engagement:

As you become an integral part of the client’s team, ongoing support is provided for a successful and enduring partnership.

8. Performance Reviews:

Periodic reviews ensure satisfaction for both you and the client. Feedback sessions address concerns and make necessary adjustments.

9. Payment Process:

Payments are processed through a fixed direct debit agreement, ensuring timely and secure payments.

10. Continuous Opportunities:

Right Recruit actively seeks new opportunities for your professional growth, aligning with your evolving skills and qualifications.