How it Works

1. Initial Consultation:

Contact Right Recruit to schedule an initial consultation. During this session, we’ll discuss your specific business needs, the role you’re looking to fill, and any particular requirements.

2. Agreement and Commitment Deposit:

Once you are ready to proceed forward, a service agreement will be drafted for review and approval. A commitment deposit of $200 is required to initiate the engagement process and secure your dedicated virtual assistant.

3. Needs Assessment:

Our team will conduct a thorough needs assessment to understand the skills, qualifications, and characteristics required for the ideal remote employee. This step ensures a precise match to your unique business requirements.

4. Tailored Proposal:

Based on the needs assessment, Right Recruit will provide you with a tailored proposal outlining the scope of services, pricing details, and the profiles of potential virtual assistants who match your criteria.

5. Staff Selection:

Right Recruit’s team will carefully select and present profiles of qualified virtual assistants who best match your requirements. You’ll have the opportunity to review these profiles and provide feedback before moving to the interview stage.

6. Interviews:

Initial Interview:

This interview aims to ascertain compatibility between the employer and the potential virtual assistant. It provides an opportunity for both parties to discuss expectations, work styles, and ensure a good fit for collaboration.

Competency-Based Interview:

If required, we are happy to schedule a second interview which is focused on assessing the virtual assistant’s competencies relevant to the role. This interview provides a deeper understanding of the candidate’s skills and abilities.

All interviews will be conducted on Google Meets, offering a convenient and effective platform for virtual meetings.

7. Contract Initiation:

The service agreement will be finalized once the interview process is complete, and the engagement officially begins. Monthly payments will commence based on the agreed-upon pricing structure, with the commitment deposit applied towards the first month.

8. Ongoing Support and Communication:

Right Recruit is committed to providing ongoing support and facilitating effective communication between you and your virtual assistant. Regular check-ins and feedback sessions are scheduled to ensure the partnership is meeting your expectations.

9. Long-Term Relationship:

Right Recruit emphasizes building long-term relationships. As your dedicated virtual assistant becomes an integral part of your team, we’re here to support both you and the virtual assistant to ensure a successful and enduring partnership.

10. Performance Evaluation:

Periodic performance evaluations are conducted to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the engagement. Adjustments can be made as needed to address any evolving business needs.